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We have been producing quality pasted board products for over 50 years at our plant in Hamilton, New Zealand and our products are sold throughout Australasia and the Pacific Islands. Our solid fibre board products are manufactured by laminating layers of paper together to form a solid fibre board sheet. By laminating different papers with different qualities together we are able to meet our customers requirements in regard to board strength, durability, flatness, rigidity and die cutting stability. Our aim is to provide you with productivity, print quality and profitability advantages for your individual requirements.

Our boards are used in the manufacture of heavy duty packaging, frozen and chilled packaging, point of sale displays, the manufacture of ring binders and game boards as well as countless other industrial uses. Specialty Boards also manufactures a range of other specialty products including specialist bulk bins.

Capabilities Capabilities

  • Two-colour flexographic printing
  • Specialist Coatings
  • Box and table stitching
  • Gluing, PVA / EVA and Hot Melt functions
  • Die-cutting
  • Guillotining

Capable of producing an extensive range of sizes and styles from small 50mm square boxes up to pallet sized bins 1500 x 1000 x 1000.

Specialty Boards & Boxes produce 4 main categories of products; laminated Solid Fibre, Corner Boards, Custom made Corrugated and Solid Fibre packaging and Bulk Bins.

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Laminated Solid Fibre Boards

Laminating up to 5 ply of paper and utilising different liner boards, a range of board grades can be produced.

Double lined Solid Boards are strong and perform in tough conditions and are specially designed for use in heavy duty packaging areas. They provide excellent puncture resistance, superb printing surface and quick freeze down times. Liner papers are FDA approved and recyclable. The use of Virgin wood fibre, including paper and pulp, is from well managed sources.

The range of paper substrates available includes

  • Clay coated Screen Boards 700um to 3000um
    e.g. D Board' is a two-sided clay coated screen board for the printing and flat bed digital markets.
    • Grease Resistance (Mild levels of oil/grease contact)
    • Free of optical Brightening agents
  • Kraft lined boards using KLB & KTL Liners, 500um to 2900um.
    • Kraft Kinleith Liner, KLB
      Papers are a 2 x ply sheet. The top Layer is 100% unbleached virgin Kraft softwood and the base layer is a blend of 10-12% hardwood fibre with the balance softwood.
    • Wet Strength
      The combination of high quality fibre and the modern linerboard manufacturing process gives Kinleith KLB the superior strength required in the tough environments experienced in the primary produce supply chain whilst still maintaining recyclability.
    • Kraft Top Kinleith
      KTL Liners are manufactured from 100% unbleached virgin pulp, are FDA approved and 100% recyclable. The liner is a combination of high quality fibre and OCC and NCC recycled fibre.
    • Grey Box Board using 100% recycled paper, 600um to 3000um
    • UL Board grades utilising premium virgin fillers, 600um to 3000um
    • Uncoated White Board grades, 600 to 2400um.
    • There are also specialist grades for various applications including slip sheets, canning layer boards, food safe grades etc.

Boards are distributed throughout New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and pacific Islands. Our boards are used in the manufacture of heavy duty packaging, frozen and chilled packaging, point of sale displays, the manufacture of ring binders and game boards as well countless other industrial uses.

Corner Boards (Corner Kraft)

A range of Corner Boards are manufactured, primarily for the export kiwifruit and apple & pear markets and also for a wide range of other horticulture uses, industrial and export. Although a number of sizes can be made the primary focus is 50mm x 50mm using KLB kraftliner and WTL whitetop outers. A range of lengths can be cut from 300mm to 3000mm

Custom made Corrugated and Solid Fibre packaging

A vast range of custom made packaging can also be made utilising printing, die cutting and gluing processes. Generally reserved for special packaging requests.

Bulk Bins

A range of Bulk Bins are also offered including the new style latticed cornered Bulk Bin. Bulk Bins have been designed for a range of uses in the Dairy industry, horticulture and industrial. Bins are available for liquid, powder, adhesives, frozen vegetables etc. and have a range of capacities from 400 Kg to 1000kg.



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