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Lodestar controls and manages significant export volumes. Export volumes from New Zealand are generally forest products based cargoes including kraft wood pulp, kraft liner board, sawn lumber and logs. Lodestar provides a diverse range of shipping services including container, break bulk and bulk options. The strength of our strategic business relationships with international shipping lines, along with the proven reliability and consistency of our own break bulk shipping service provides the platform for a suite of shipping services that meet the needs of our customers. Lodestar seeks to provide cost effective shipping solutions that enables our customers to gain a high degree of confidence that their products will be delivered on time and in prime condition.

Lodestar has experience in carrying a diverse range of other bulk cargoes including coal, fertilizer, cement & cement clinker, salt, grain, steel, and other project cargoes.

Our shipping business model delivers value through:

  • a seamless and managed risk profile through flexible and cost effective shipping solutions;
  • sourcing of shipping solutions to support business growth and development;
  • managing commercial and strategic relationships within the international shipping industry;
  • a one-stop-shop for all shipping requirements.


domestic transport BREAK BULKSERVICES Read More

Lodestar operates in the break bulk market, generally servicing the north Asian markets of South Korea and China. Export cargos from New Zealand are generally forest products (wood pulp, kraft linerboard, lumber and logs) for Oji Fibre Solutions and other exporters.

Lodestar shipping has capacity available for bulk and break bulk cargos on regular scheduled sailings from New Zealand to Asia, and southbound from north east and South East Asia into the Oceania region. Lodestar offers the flexibility of spot or monthly freight contracts, or longer term contracts of affreightment in order to provide increased certainty and reliability of scheduled break bulk shipping services.


container shipping solutions CONTAINERSHIPPING SOLUTIONS

Lodestar currently manages approximately 90,000 export containers (twenty foot equivalent units) from New Zealand and Australia, to more than 30 world-wide destinations. Lodestar provides container shipping solutions in conjunction with various shipping lines, some of whom are strategic business partners to Lodestar. We will procure and manage volume allocations that meet the service needs of our customers. Typically our service scope includes:

  • management of commercial tenders and the procurement of export slot allocations with shipping lines;
  • daily management and optimisation of export cargo bookings with shipping lines;
  • daily co-ordination of all activities necessary to meet export cut-off timeframes;
  • managing shipping line service performance, including regular customer communications and reporting;
  • comprehensive export documentation and trade finance advisory services.

Lodestar manages the shipping process from beginning to end, commencing with the booking of the export order with the shipping line, through to the delivery of the container, or the product itself, to the agreed final destination or consignee hand over point. Empty container delivery to export pack point and/or the transportation of full containers to the export terminal can also be managed if required.

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In late 2018, following a period of increased pressure on exporters and unsustainable freight rates within the New Zealand shipping market, Oji Fibre Solutions embarked on a joint venture with freith technology solutions company, Netlogix, to create Bearing-360.

Responsible for managing New Zealand’s second largest exporter, Bearing-360 was formed with a mission to provide both sustainable and competitive shipping solutions for New Zealand exporters and carriers.

Bearing-360 offers a new way forward in shipping, with a goal to level out cargo flows, improve predictability and open the gateway to a range of new opportunities for our customers, regardless of size.

For more information on Bearing-360 visit: bearing-360.com.


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