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Fullcircle recognises good reporting as a vital component of all waste minimisation strategies. Reporting can be a motivator for staff and a great way of measuring year-on-year improvements in our environmentally aware era.

In New Zealand, businesses are becoming increasingly concerned about the escalating cost of waste disposal. The very best way to reduce waste disposal costs is to minimise waste volumes by sorting material and then diverting the recyclables. Fullcircle is your perfect partner to minimise waste disposal spend by assisting you to recycle.

To help you track your landfill diversion efforts and to track your spend on waste disposal and recycling we provide you with customised reports. These can compare differences year-on-year and/or season-on-season and may include a combination of the volume recycled and solid waste disposed of at landfill.

Here's an example of our reporting:

reporting chart

Please give our Territory Managers at Fullcircle Recycling a call today to discuss what reporting we can offer.


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