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COVID-19 Community Support

15 September 2021

In this recent COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria, GV Cares, a volunteer organisation, rallied suppliers and volunteers to help feed thousands of families in the Shepparton region. With 30% of the town in isolation, many Shepparton residents could not leave home to get food and necessities.

OjiFS has a packaging distribution centre in Shepparton and is firmly part of the wider community. So supporting this worthy cause by donating boxes was an easy decision. Our OjiFS 3-piece GT boxes allowed GV Cares to pack donated groceries into our cartons and deliver them to isolated homes, so residents could remain at home and comply with the rules - without going hungry. 

The GV Cares initiative was so successful that it drew media attention (click to read news article here) and recognition from the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. In fact, a small number of volunteers and community leaders had the opportunity to participate in an online recognition meeting with the Prime Minister, to discuss the amazing community response to this initiative. 

Discussion with Prime Minister Scott Morrison - Volunteers and First Responders of Shepparton - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzIridOe6ec

We are proud to have played a small part in worthy cause and even more proud to be part of a the Shepparton community. What a great example of community spirit!


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