Oji Fibre Solutions

RUOK?Day 2022

9 September 2022


OjiFS got behind RUOK?Day in Australia yesterday, encouraging our people to start a conversation that could change a life today, tomorrow and any day it’s needed.

Our people matter. As a manufacurer operating in high-hazard facilities, health and safety is our number one priority. This extends to supporting wellness, something that has become more and more important with COVID-19 in our lives.

Although our people are incredibly resilient and OjiFS provides an award-winning wellness program and free EAP services (for families to access too), RUOK?Day is a chance to take pause, stand back, and consider how others around us are doing. It also educates and normalises the simple art of asking someone "R U OK?". 

There's more to say after "R U OK?" though. If someone say's they're not OK, it is important to keep the conversation going. While there is no one way to have an "R U OK?" conversation, R U OK? provides some very useful resources to help guide people in the right direction. Yesterday, our people learnt about the ALEC framework - Ask, Listen, Encourage action, and Check in, and found it very helpful. Of course, the edible treats helped too!  

For more information on R U OK? visit their website ruok.org.au.


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