Oji Fibre Solutions

Hort Connections 2022

13 June 2022

Our OjiFS Packaging Australia team exhibited at, the Hort Connections 2022 event in Brisbane recently. The theme was "Growing Together", highlighting the importance for every sector of the horticulture industry to come together and build a stronger, more resilient food system to feed local and international consumers.

Over the three-day event, Hort Connections speakers and exhibitors showcased the latest research, technologies and innovations, to offer new perspectives on how the industry can grow together. Over 3,000 attendees passed through the doors, as well as a range of high profile vendors and speakers from across the industry including suppliers, growers, innovators and government officials.

The event was a roaring success and our exhibition of sustainable, fibre-based packaging solutions was well received, especially our “love local” punnet concept range, illustrating what can be done as we move towards a future without single use plastics.

Once again, our team thoroughly enjoyed participating in Hort Connect 2022. Not only was it a chance to showcase our sustainable packaging solutions, but it allowed our team to connect and build relationships across the horticulture sector, and learn from the speaker sessions on a range of key and impactful topics influencing and affecting the industry.


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