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Supporting School Savvy CQ

15 January 2021

We act as a trusted partner in our communities and are proud to support the School Savvy CQ initiative in Queensland. 

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Innovative Technology a Game Changer for OjiFS

22 December 2020

We have completed our first remote machine install using Microsoft’s (MS) HoloLens technology, as a workaround to our inability to get OMEs into the country, due to COVID-19 border closures.

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New Pulp & Paper Graduate Development Programme Under Way

18 December 2020

Our Pulp and Paper engineering graduates from 2019 and 2020 are now well into their first year of a new two-year programme, focused on developing them as effective team members and preparing them to take on leadership roles in the near future. 

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OjiFS Commitment to Sustainable Fibre

30 November 2020

OjiFS commitment to sustainability means we are dedicated to using only sustainable wood fibre to make our products, and we are excited to have now extended our Chain of Custody (CoC) certification to include all our manufacturing sites.

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Transforming Tasman Mill

13 October 2020

With backing from the Oji Group, we have invested more than $63 million to secure a sustainable future for our Tasman Mill.

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