Oji Fibre Solutions


The Lodestar team is focused on ensuring our customers products are:

  • delivered safely, efficiently and cost effectively; and
  • available on time, in the right place, in the right condition for timely presentation & delivery to market

Lodestar provides an integrated end to end service, which means we can take responsibility for everything from the point of product despatch, through to the product delivery point as agreed with the cargo owner. Our solutions are tailored to suit the most appropriate transport modes and service requirements of our customers.

The Lodestar integrated logistics model consists of both domestic and international components, which together underpin the following value proposition for our customers:

  • a managed logistics risk profile;
  • one single point of control and co-ordination;
  • end-to-end accountability;
  • ensured service delivery with optimum modal efficiency;
  • cost effective, sustainable logistics;

eCargo - Freight management made simple

Lodestars integrated logistics solutions are supported with leading edge technology and freight management systems provided by eCargo. Enhanced visibility and control over freight movements, performance and costs ensures optimum value can be delivered to our customers on a sustainable basis.



Oji Fibre Solutions Lodestar

289 Great South Road,
Private Bag 92004
Auckland 1142,
New Zealand

Ph: +64 9 633 0600
Fax: +64 9 633 0601
Email: enquiries@lodestar.ojifs.com


36H MacDonald Street
P.O. Box 5269, Mount Maunganui 3150
Mount Maunganui, 3116
New Zealand

Ph: +64 9 477 5800
Fax: +64 9 477 5820
Email: lodestarenquiries@ojifs.com