Oji Fibre Solutions


We are a company with huge heritage, backed by the strength of the Oji Group. Our uniqueness as a company is best described by four expressions that sum up how we represent the brand each day: Built on Strength; Trusted Partner; Future Focused and Innovation.


Innovation is key to everything we do at Oji Fibre Solutions.

We are always striving to raise the standard of our products and services, and to ensure the success of our customers brands. Our products are innovative. We thrive on solving challenges. We are proud to be part of a global entity committed to research and development.

Built On Strength

Our strength stems from our heritage and from our people - their passion and, their courage, their can-do attitude. It comes from being part of an inspirational global company that pushes the boundaries, and has its own long, strong history. It also comes from the plantation grown softwood pinus radiata, the basis of our world class products and one of the strongest fibres in the world.

We are a strong, confident company, with a pride and depth that gives us the ability to look beyond traditional boundaries.

Trusted Partner

We are trusted by our communities, customers and stakeholders.

Our customers can trust our products to be proven, reliable, high quality and safe. We are open and work collaboratively with all stakeholders.

We build and maintain strong long term relationships . Our customers are at the heart of all we do and we work to find innovative solutions to enhance their competitive position. Our people are the best at what they do.

Future Focused

We look towards the future, and welcome change.

Our business is here for the long term, and we are always at the forefront of new developments and emerging consumer trends.

Sustainability is core to our operations. Being future focused means ensuring there is a future to focus on. We are proud to be a business built on renewable and low carbon resources. We aspire to zero environmental burden.

We are also connected to and respect our local communities. We aim to contribute to greater prosperity and improved wellbeing wherever we work.

pulp-and-paper PULP & PAPER

We produce quality kraft market pulps for use in the manufacture of various papers, boards, tissue and specialty products. Our kraft and recycled containerboards are converted into industrial packaging such as corrugated cases.

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packaging PACKAGING

Our manufacturing operations in Australia and New Zealand pride themselves on their innovative products and ability to provide smart packaging solutions - from boxes and multiwall bags to specialty boards and paper cups.

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fullcircle FULLCIRCLE

Fullcircle provides a range of collection and recovery services for businesses, households and councils throughout New Zealand, collecting nearly 300,000 tonnes of recovered paper every year. The majority of this is turned into paper products at our own paper mills.

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lodestar LODESTAR

Lodestar is our logistics business, delivering shipping and domestic transport solutions to global markets.

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