Oji Fibre Solutions


Our heritage

After the purchase by Oji Group and INCJ in 2014, a new company emerged. Oji Fibre Solutions with fresh ideas, and innovative thinking. A company that is built upon, and supported by an established, solid heritage.

As a leading pulp and paper supplier, based in NZ, our key operations and businesses have been delivering market leading products and services to our customers for over 100 years. As part of the Oji Group our culture of innovation, with advanced technology, R&D, systems and processes will ensure we continue to lead the way.

We think our forefathers Ei-ichi Shibusawa in Japan and here in New Zealand Robert Holt, Alexander Harvey and Francis Carter; individuals each with a vision would be proud to see how we deliver to our customers and communities today.

Some Key Milestones in Our History


  • Ei-ichi Shibusawa paper manufacturing company 1873
  • Oji Paper merged with Fuji Paper and Karafuto Industries 1933
  • Division of company into three operations post WWII
  • Series of expansions and mergers through to 1993 to become New Oji Paper
  • New Oji Paper and Honshu Paper merged to become Oji Paper 1996
  • Today Oji Holdings Corporation is one of the largest and most influential paper manufacturers in the world located in Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North and South America

Australia and New Zealand

  • Robert Holts Steam Sawmill 1874
  • Formation of NZ Forest Products (NZFP) in 1935
  • Merger of Carter & Holt operations - Carter Holt Holdings 1971
  • Carter Holt acquires AHI to form Carter Holt Harvey (CHH) 1985
  • Carter Holt Harvey acquires NZ Forest Products 1991
  • International Paper acquires 50.1 % of CHH 1991-92
  • Purchase of Tasman Pulp Mill - 2001
  • Acquisition of Carter Holt Harvey by Rank Group 2005-6
  • Sale to Oji Holdings and INCJ 2014

pulp-and-paper PULP & PAPER

We produce quality kraft market pulps for use in the manufacture of various papers, boards, tissue and specialty products. Our kraft and recycled containerboards are converted into industrial packaging such as corrugated cases.

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packaging PACKAGING

Our manufacturing operations in Australia and New Zealand pride themselves on their innovative products and ability to provide smart packaging solutions - from boxes and multiwall bags to specialty boards and paper cups.

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fullcircle FULLCIRCLE

Fullcircle provides a range of collection and recovery services for businesses, households and councils throughout New Zealand, collecting nearly 300,000 tonnes of recovered paper every year. The majority of this is turned into paper products at our own paper mills.

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lodestar LODESTAR

Lodestar is our logistics business, delivering shipping and domestic transport solutions to global markets.

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