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HI WHITE® is a bleached radiata pine kraft pulp valued by customers for its consistency, strength, bulk and brightness properties.

Produced at our Kinleith Mill, HI WHITE® has a strong reputation with Asia-Pacific papermakers for suitability in applications such as coated and uncoated printing and writing papers, bleached paperboard, filter papers and tissue products.



Sales Office and Customer Support

Oji Fibre Solutions Pulp & Paper
Kinleith Mill
Private Bag 6
Tokoroa 3444
New Zealand

P: +64 7 885 5999
F: +64 7 885 5614
E: pulpenquiries@ojifs.com

China Sales and Customer Support

Oji Fibre Solutions Pulp & Paper
Unit 1530 15/F, Luneng International Centre
No.2666, 2nd Ring Road
Shizhong District, 250022
Jinan, China

P: +86 531 5577 7599
E: pulpenquiries@ojifs.com

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