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loose collection Loose Collections

Loose collections are usually preferred by businesses with limited storage space, or when the volume of cardboard and paper waste doesn't warrant having a dedicated receptacle (i.e. a bin or cage) at your premises.

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wool sack image Wool Sack Bales & Frames

Woolsacks or fadges are used as a convenient means to store cardboard, paper and plastic film prior to collection by one of our trucks as they can be stored easily when empty but also hold a large volume of material when full.

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service security bin Security Bin Service

Many businesses produce documents that contain sensitive or private information that must remain confidential at all times. Once these documents have served their purpose and are no longer required they must be disposed of securely and safely via appropriate means.

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wheelie bins paper Wheelie Bins (Paper)

Wheelie bins are the preferred container for storing office and mixed papers and are available in a range of sizes to cater for your office and/or factory recycling needs.

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rhino bins Steel Cages & 1.5m3 Rhino Bins

Steel cages are the most common container for storing cardboard prior to collection. They are available in a wide range of sizes (from 2m3 up to 6m3) and have large openings for you to place your cardboard into.

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service hook bin Hook Bins

Hook bins are large (30m3) open top containers designed to carry a variety of loose paper and cardboard products from large commercial generators.

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baler Balers

Balers compress loose cardboard, paper or plastic film into dense stackable cubes called bales.

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compactors Compactors

Compactors are used as an alternative to baling large volumes of paper and cardboard. They are often used at large printing facilities where waste paper and clippings are carried on conveyors directly into the compactor, often without human intervention.

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service waste Residual Waste Disposal

Fullcircle is not a waste company and while we do not profit from disposing of waste we do recognise some businesses want to bundle their waste and recycling services under one account and we are therefore very willing and able to manage this for you.

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Reporting Services

Fullcircle recognises good reporting as a vital component of all waste minimisation strategies. Reporting can be a motivator for staff and a great way of measuring year-on-year improvements in our environmentally aware era.

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