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Oji Fibre Solutions is a market leader in the manufacture of cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes play an important part in the presentation, protection, and transportation of products. With an eye for creativity and innovation, our in house design team are constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with cardboard boxes.

Oji Fibre Solutions has over 30 years experience in the cardboard packaging industry, and supplies an extensive range of cardboard products to the Australasian Market. Oji Fibre Solutions has cardboard packaging manufacturing plants in Auckland, Hamilton, Levin, Christchurch, Sydney, Melbourne and Yatala.

capabilities CAPABILITIES

  • Four colour flexographic printing
  • Preprint and post print capabilities
  • Regular slotted cases (RSCs)
  • Complex die-cut cases and trays
  • Specialist gluing solutions including straight line, crash lock, four and six corner glue

quality QUALITY

Our food-grade cardboard complies with US Food and Drug Administration requirements for direct food contact. Oji Fibre Solutions cardboard manufacturing operations are complemented by a full structural, graphic design and packaging systems expertise.

Oji Fibre Solutions Packaging NZ and Packaging AUS manufacturing sites are certified to ISO 9001:2015. A number of sites have ISO 22000:2018 certified Food Safety Management Systems. As part of these accreditations, the sites operate a quality management system which monitors reporting and corrective actions for any quality or service related complaints.


Cardboard Packaging Horticultural Packaging

Oji Fibre Solutions is a prominent supplier of cardboard packaging for the Horticultural industry. Years of innovation and experience make Oji Fibre Solutions a market leader in Horticultural packaging. We produce patented and branded cardboard packaging to hold an array of fruits, vegetables and flowers. These brands include DEFOR®, PLB® and CORRUCAP.

Cardboard Packaging Meat Boxes

Oji Fibre Solutions has been providing cardboard packaging to the meat industry for over 30 years. Supplying fit for purpose cardboard boxes to leading meat processing companies both large and small. Oji Fibre Solutions meat packaging designs have set the industry standard for meat packaging in Australia. Years of development and refinement in our meat packaging means that Oji Fibre Solutions can provide cardboard boxes that are ready to tackle the harshest freezer environments, fit for purpose, and ready to take your meat products to the market.

Cardboard Packaging Point of Sale (Shelf Ready) Boxes

Oji Fibre Solutions is a market leader in the design and manufacture of cardboard packaging for point of sale (often known as shelf ready or retail ready) packaging. In the endlessly competitive FMCG industry, the way a product displays at the point of sale has never been more important. Designed to present product in the best possible light, shelf ready packaging can remove the need for outer boxes, eliminate the use of knives, and improve labour efficiencies at the point of sale. Oji Fibre Solutions will design a shelf ready solution for point of sale to set your product apart from the rest.

Shelf ready packaging has increasingly become standard in the FMCG industry, and a requirement from some supermarkets. Its benefits help to streamline the movement of products from manufacture, through the distribution process, to the point of sale.

Cardboard Packaging Seafood Packaging

Oji Fibre Solutions is a producer of cardboard packaging for seafood products, and is a market leader in the supply of fit for purpose cardboard boxes to the Seafood Industry. Everything from tuna coffins to silver lined salmon board, our cardboard boxes will help to transport your seafood products from boat to market in the best condition. Whether youre packing at sea, or processing on shore; sending down the road, or exporting across the world, Oji Fibre Solutions can provide customised cardboard boxes for seafood, specific to your requirements.

Cardboard Packaging Wine Boxes

Oji Fibre Solutions is dedicated to providing the highest quality cardboard packaging to complement the wine industry. Everything from a printed wine box for export, to wine box dividers, wine box gift boxes, and shelf ready wine boxes can be customised to your requirements.

Whether you're sending wine down the road, or across the world, our wine boxes will help to deliver your wine in pristine condition. We can provide cardboard pallets, and cornerboards for pallet protection to ensure your pallets look top notch from vineyard to destination.

Perhaps what you're after doesn't currently exist? Maybe you're after a wine box that's as unique as the wine you produce? Our innovative in-house design team will develop a wine box specific to your unique requirements.


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