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Attractive Rewards

Oji Fibre Solutions offers competitive and attractive reward packages.

Our people receive a competitive base salary and access to a number of other benefits. Additional benefits include access to subsidised medical care plans for themselves and their family, an Oji Fibre Solutions superannuation programme with company contributions, insurance plans and access to special company rates for a number of different services.

Rewarding Performance

At Oji Fibre Solutions we acknowledge and reward high performance.

To deliver the business performance we desire people need to understand the contribution their work makes toward meeting business goals. For clarity our peoples work efforts are guided through quarterly One on One performance conversations with their Manager. Our One on One performance process ensures we are all clear how our work contributes to the performance of the business.

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The capability of our people is fundamental to the sustained success of our business. As such, we commit to make long-term investments to support the career progression of our employees.

At Oji Fibre Solutions we aim to create a learning culture that inspires our people to perform, grow and to take control of their own development. We offer industry leading technical and leadership development programmes, role based technical skill development and safety training, delivered on and off the job.

To ensure we deliver on our commitment to learning and to deliver the business performance we expect, learning and development offerings are driven by our business strategy.

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Uncompromising Standards

At Oji Fibre Solutions we value being a trusted partner in all our relationships. We are committed to the safety, health and wellbeing of every person who works with us. Our worksites are high hazard work environments where the highest level of industry safety performance is critical and non-negotiable.

We choose to only work with people who share our commitment to world class safety performance we are constantly mindful of the health, safety and wellbeing of ourselves as individuals, our work groups and our communities.

Creating a Healthy Workplace

At Oji Fibre Solutions we aim to create a physically and psychologically healthy environment. We believe that people perform at their best when their individual health and wellbeing is supported. We are proud to offer award winning Wellness Programmes in our workplaces.

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