Oji Fibre Solutions


Health, safety & wellbeing

Uncompromising Standards

At Oji Fibre Solutions we value being a trusted partner in all our relationships. We are committed to the safety, health and wellbeing of every person who works with us. Our worksites are high hazard work environments where the highest level of industry safety performance is critical and non-negotiable.

We choose to only work with people who share our commitment to world class safety performance we are constantly mindful of the health, safety and wellbeing of ourselves as individuals, our work groups and our communities.

Creating a Healthy Workplace

At Oji Fibre Solutions we aim to create a physically and psychologically healthy environment. We believe that people perform at their best when their individual health and wellbeing is supported. We are proud to offer award winning Wellness Programmes in our workplaces.

Working with our local communities

Oji Fibre Solutions is proud to participate in a number of local community-led initiatives.

Industrial Symbiosis Kawerau

A group of businesses and local authority leaders located in Kawerau is working to adopt practices leading to smarter, cleaner businesses.

Bay of Connections Forestry and Wood Action Group

This is a group focused on developing economic growth for the forestry and wood processing sector in the wider Bay of Plenty region.

Healthy Rivers: Plan for Change, Wai Ora: He Rautaki Whakapaipai

A Waikato and Waipa River iwi and Waikato Regional Council project that is working with stakeholders to develop changes to the Waikato Regional Plan to help restore and protect the health of the Waikato and Waipa Rivers


Collaboration with the wider industry

At Oji Fibre Solutions we actively participate in public discourse, including engagement with industry bodies.

We also make submissions to the Australian and New Zealand governments at both central and state or regional levels, where it is relevant to the business and in the interests of our customers.

Our memberships include:

  • Wood Processors & Manufacturers Association (WPMA) of New Zealand
  • Appita Australasian Pulp and Paper Industry Technical Association
  • New Zealand Paper Forum
  • Australian Packaging Covenant
  • New Zealand Forest Owners Association
  • Packaging Council of New Zealand
  • Major Electricity Users Group
  • New Zealand Manufactures and Exporters Association (NZMEA).